Michal Leah is part of the digital generation. Instead of shying away from the vast online landscape, Leah embraces what it has to offer. Garnering a devoted following on TikTok, with over 250 million listens on her label debut “The Way I Love You”, listeners across the globe have been captivated by Leah’s searing, soul-pop prowess.

“The Way I Love You” made its way into the world ahead of Leah’s debut project “part one”. Tales of love, loss, and growing up spread out over five tracks, as the young artist’s lilt floats us through the EP. Tracks like “Used To It” are pure melancholy. Grounded pianos are the bare bones of the track, while poignant violins elucidate Leah’s resigned despair. Finishing out in a show of intimacy, “Almost Love You” feels somewhat brighter. Lyrics like “The closer we got The further I fell/ So close, I almost loved you/ And sometimes I still want to” are delivered by Leah’s soaring vocals – and propelled along by vibrant piano keys. By the end, the artist finds herself no less heartbroken, but all the more enlightened.

Reflecting on the track Leah imparts: “‘part one’ is such an important part of my story. I went into this project having never written a song before but knew that I wanted to capture my emotions at that exact moment – from heartbreak to growing pains, to being madly in love. I never thought anyone would hear these songs, let alone connect with them as deeply as so many people have. All of the songs on this EP are honestly and genuinely a snapshot of me at that point in my life, but I know this project is just the beginning.”

Kicking off the year with a bang, this young artist is set for greatness. With co-signs from the likes of Meghan Trainor and Lauren Spencer Smith, along with a coveted spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in 11 countries – Leah has gotten off to a blazing start. There’s no telling where she’ll end up, but there’s no doubt we’ll come along for the ride.

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