Experienced, experimental and elusive, WHIPPED CREAM, aka Caroline Cecil, has been on a spectacle of a journey. A competitive figure skate dance in a past life, an accident forced her to adapt, instead finding passion and drive in the fruitful world of production. Building and transforming her sound since entering our ears in the mid 10s, WHIPPED CREAM has proven herself difficult to pin down stylistically, consistently challenging and compelling her listening base with avant-garde musical direction.

Her first song of the new year, “The Dark”, borrows the impressive capabilities of Ohio maestro Jasiah and Vancouver producer Crimson Child. The combination of artistic minds augments each individual’s performance on the record, with the threesome thriving off of each others talent, resulting in an explosive and unpredictable number. The track is accompanied by an evoking VR-themed character video that sees the artists come into focus as the visual protagonists. The video was produced by Vancouver-situated studio Departure Lounge and was developed in Canada’s first volumetric capture facility.

Commenting on the single, WHIPPED CREAM says, “There is love in holding on and there is love in letting go. “The Dark” is inspired by the concept of picking up a rose – it looks incredibly inviting and beautiful to hold, but it can puncture the skin. It’s about a relationship where one person hasn’t cut out their toxic behaviours and although beautiful underneath, they still damage the one they love most. It’s learning to finally let go of what might be so beautiful yet painful and unhealthy, and head into the unknown, “the dark.”

The new single is set to appear on WHIPPED CREAM’s upcoming EP, Someone You Can Count On, which is set to be released on 8th March.

Check out the visual below!

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