Matt Corby paints his pictures of emotion like few others. Renowned for his effortless genre merging and provoking lyrical prowess, Matt began an upward journey to acclaim in the early 10s, soaring to worldwide success with a steady stream of compelling releases and two albums. Following the great successes of his early career, Matt had to overcome personal difficulties before setting out to write his third full length project, falling victim to severe flooding and moving with his family into Rainbow Valley Studios. During his time there, Matt shuffled between musical exploration and his family duties, leading him to write some of the strongest work of his career.

Towards the backend of the year we were blessed with “Problems”; Matt’s first release in two years, the groove-laden tune acts as the perfect reintroduction into the colour-tinged sonic world of the singer, songwriter and producer. The track has now been followed by the announcement of the new album Everything’s Fine, and its sophomore teaser single “Reelin”, a song that epitomises the soul, charisma and artistic nuance of Matt. Released alongside a live performance video that sees the artist showcase the diversity of his talent, it’s a track that allows Matt to open up on his romantic life, richly reflecting on the joys of love and commitment atop the warm and soulful instrumental.

Highly anticipated, Everything’s Fine, will be unveiled into the world on 24th March. Reflecting on his life and the album, Matt commented: “I’m at a really beautiful point in my life. I’m accepting all this stuff: the good and the bad, but particularly the bad. Which is kind of great. It’s a good thing to come to that point. Life isn’t always magical, but the moments that are, well you really value them. I think this record is about that, about managing your actual reality. Sometimes I have those moments when you realise: well I’m still breathing, you still have the gift of life, so everything is fine I guess?”

Growing in character and artistry, Matt’s undeniable sound is well worth dipping into.

See the live performance video shot at Rainbow Valley Studios below

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